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Elderglade's roadmap serves as a blueprint for the game’s evolution

Gameplay Recruit

Q2-Q3 2024

Small HeartSmart contract deployment & audit

Small HeartGameplay backend environment launch

Small HeartIn-depth game mechanics reveal

Small HeartCharacter & equipment NFT reveal

Small HeartFull lore reveal

Small HeartIDO

Small HeartRelease of Alpha Stage I

Small HeartTavern rewards for NFT holders

Small HeartHero NFT IGO sale

Small HeartIn-game character minting/auctions

Small HeartMulti-game NFT staking

Small HeartMulti-town traveling

Small HeartToken staking options

Small HeartTravel earnings for multi-game NFT stalkers

Gameplay Recruit

Q4 2024

Small HeartRelease of Alpha Stage II

Small HeartWilderness NFT sale

Small HeartWilderness rewards for NFT holders

Small HeartWilderness mechanics launch

Small HeartLoot system launch

Small HeartEquipment mechanics launch

Small HeartItem stash mechanics launch

Small HeartDaily/Weekly/Monthly missions

Gameplay Recruit

Q1 2025

Small HeartRelease of Alpha Stage III

Small HeartCharacter progression

Small HeartScavenger’s Hut NFT sale

Small HeartIn-game marketplace launch

Small HeartPlayer achievements

Small HeartOwnership NFT sharding

Gameplay Recruit

Q2 2025

Small HeartRelease of Beta

Small HeartFree-to-play mode

Small HeartOff-chain in-game currency introduction

Small HeartFree-to-earn items introduction

Small HeartDuel arenas and leaderboards

Small HeartCharacter challenging

Gameplay Recruit

Q3 2025

Small HeartFull game release

Small HeartOpening new realm to explore

Small HeartNew property and wilderness NFT sales

Small HeartNew wilderness types

Small HeartNew property types

Small HeartMac OS/Windows release

Gameplay Recruit

Q4 2025

Small HeartiOS/Android mobile application

Small HeartGroup mode

Small HeartRevenue and utility expansion for NFT property owners

Gameplay Recruit


Small HeartAI-enhanced map creation

Small HeartMachine-learning-based NPC actions

Small HeartAI-powered training models for champion improvement