The World

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Notable features:

Embark on an enchanting journey in Elderglade, where a series of realms rich in diversity and adventure await. Nestled within these realms are towns that serve as safe havens for its diverse inhabitants, inviting players into a series of endless adventures.

Notable features within these towns include:


The Forge

A vital hub for heroes to recycle their loot back into the basic materials, equip themselves with starter gear (armor and weapons) and enchant them for better-winning chances, gearing up for the battle ahead.


The Marketplace

A place for players to trade various in-game NFTs such as equipment, potions, materials and champions, among themselves, fostering a dynamic game economy.


The Tavern

A social hub where players can engage with each other: have conversations, form alliances, plan their next moves and recruit new characters to join their quest.


Healers' Haven

A refuge where characters can recuperate and heal after the rigorous combats and adventures.


Scavenger's Hut

A place providing item insurance or random item retrieval service for the players to secure their in-game assets when heading to the battle.


The Wilderness

A place where adventure and danger meet, it is an ever-changing expanse teeming with opportunities for battles, exploration, and treasure hunting, making every journey into the wilderness a unique test of strategy and strength.

Blacksmith with Clouds